Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wherever I Lay My Hat...

By this point you must be beside yourselves with the absence of posts bringing the latest on project squat. We have been taking a well earned holiday, in beautiful Sri Lanka. I would like to say that I missed the house, the endless cleaning, sorting and monotonous sound of drilling, but I didn't, not one jot! As ever it is only when you step away that you realise quite how tired you are, but also being to appreciate quite how much you have achieved.

So after a good rest and alot of amazing food and no end of inspiration from some truly beautiful interiors, I have returned to the house with renewed vigour. We have reached an exciting phase chez squat, the building work is mostly complete (well except for a few doors to be replaced, a damp patch in the hallway, a large gap in the downstairs loo wall, the entire staircase to be sanded and carpeted - De Nada!).

In all honesty this is the stage I have been waiting for since day 1, I get to style. Hours of moving pictures, books, objects from place to place until they find their rightful home. Hanging curtains, laying rugs, painting floors, it will be a long process and one which will evolve beautifully over time but every little step takes us one stage nearer to turning the shell into a home.