Sunday, 13 May 2012

Round Like A Circle In A Spiral....

Despite my very uncharacteristically negative ramblings (!) project rental squat is actually progressing great guns, the kind of guns you can't really keep on top of when you have work, a course, life to attend to guns. So as ever we have found ourselves playing constant catch up and making decisions on the hoof. But when the builders are in, stuff has to get done, there is no time for casual musings over bevelled or flat edges on ones tiles. It goes like this - You want tiles? Give me the tiles, tiling done, I need more tiles, give me more tiles.

Playing catch is also a down-side of not being on site all the time and let me tell you, it's tricky to go back on work once the work has been done. As you all know I love my builder, I trust him, value his work ethic and on the whole accept that if something can't be done it is for good reason (he also reads this blog!). He is, however, still a builder and therefore prone to classic builder-isms - these transcend age, origin and reason, they simply can't help themselves.

"This paint coverage looks a bit patchy"?. It is because you have bought Dulux/ Farrow and Ball/ B&Q/ Fired Earth (delete as appropriate) paint. I have tried them all and the response will remain the same, any problems that arises, the fault lies with the paint and ABSOLUTELY NOT with the painter. "The stain on the floor is a different colour there?". Hmmm yes, yes, that is because of the wood, it is old wood (SO?) that is what happens. (of course it is).   "That blind you have put up/ row of tiles/ cupboard you have fixed/ coving applied... isn't straight". SARAH it is straight, the problem is your walls, you have wonky walls.

As I said though I love my builder and yes I do have wonky walls and all problems aside they have worked at a rapid rate of knots and turned a home into a shell into a building site into a blank canvass and would you adam and eve it we have just about come full circle!