Sunday, 11 April 2010

There's A Rat In My Kitchen

It's official kitchen shopping is without doubt my most hated part of home improvement (so far).

1. It's complicated - you need plans and an ability to comprehend very exact dimensions (I do not have said ability!)
2. Too much choice - high line base units/ drawer line base units, larder units/ wall units... pull out systems or large pan drawers... i don't know, I do not know, somebody please just tell me.
3. All kitchen selling emporiums are hideous. Located in miserable retail parks in parts of town that really should not burst my London bubble. Full of arguing couples and screaming children, everyone walking around in a state of confusion whilst being confronted by entirely unhelpful and usually slightly stupid assistants. Don't even bother fobbing us off with your man who makes animals out of balloons, we know we are in retail hell!
4. They all claim to offer free design services, this is a lie. They are too busy to come to your home, you need to make an appointment 3 weeks in advance for help in store and the computer based systems clearly require and architecture qualification to be understood.
5. All the kitchens are horrid, cheap, tacky looking, pieces of plastic that simple cannot warrant however many thousands they demand.

Kitchen not progressing so well!

On a slightly brighter note, we have now taken possession of the freestanding sink unit mentioned in previous post. It is a delight, well worth the 6 hour road trip in the hired van. Particularly as we managed to combine a trip to lovely Dom and Andy's country cottage for an impromptu brunch. 

Now why can't everything be that simple? 

So despite warnings from very knowledgeable architects and other friends i am still wanting the eBay, used kitchen, it is far and away the nicest option and would not involve any more trips to hell by way of Enfield. Please can I get it, PLEASE can i?