Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Can't Stand The Rain

The rain, whilst doing wonders for the plants, has reeked havoc with general garden progress.
How is a man to lay his grout when no sooner is it down, the rain is washing it away. When a task is as tedious as grouting you really don't want to be doing it multiple times. Oh it's been a fun week!

Still with a little help from Ken the DIY/ Gardener (complete political rants a plenty) we have a garden, well except for the 2 missing slate slabs which we failed to buy to complete the space and the right hand bed which needs populating, and the furniture, and the whole bit down the side of the house.

Veggies are coming on a treat, in a competition the mint would be winning hands down, rhubarb a close second followed by cauliflower, the basil, alas, appears to be drowning.

Tomorrow sees the fateful return of the builders, I am avidly baking in preparation (I find bribery works wonders). And so commences some of the finishing tasks -downstairs WC, leaky roof, loose guttering, and painting the front of the house.

Samples have been liberally applied and colour chosen, a light khaki as inspired by a splendid looking house up the road. Possibly risky due to hideous white plastic windows which I would move heaven and earth to not emphasize but what's life without a few risks! The previous owners, who spent literally no money on the house, had delightfully invested in staining the bricks around the top windows a tasteful bright red!!! This must be dealt with, I don't know how, but I know a man who will....

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  1. Well done Sazzy, it looks marvellous. Kat x