Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Bed

There was only one thing on our minds last week, Design week daring!

The great and the good of the design world displaying/ flogging their wares to what they hoped were international buyers for huge design emporiums. At every stall they looked up hopefully, then it came, the dreaded question “What do you do? Architect, designer, buyer?”, Me: “Erm.... student”, the disappointment/ disdain was palpable and I quickly shuffled onto the next person, reeling in how my one time position of (Semi, not really, but kind of) buying clout in one industry, has descended to this in another. Still, what do they know? In 2 years time I could literally be the hottest property out there and you know what, I will remember who was nice to me and who wasn’t... oh yes I will.

There were obvious favourites for me. The Tramshed on Rivington Street, with it’s De La Espada collection of designer-led brands, resulted in actual drooling and, for just a few moments consideration that somehow, it would feasible to buy the Studioilse ( king-size bed with it’s beautiful brass feet. (entirely feasible if I sell my house and don’t eat for 2 years).

Decorex, on the other hand, appeared to have stepped straight out of Homes and Gardens, all very lovely...lovely fabric, lovely people, lovely, lovely, but nothing to really challenge or excite.

Back in the real world my design skills are being put to good use as I have been enlisted to help with the semi-transformation of a family home in Lewes (pictures above). The house is a beaut in its own right, all wooden floors, bright white hallways with an abundance of space. But having not been decorated in a few (read 20ish) years it needs some love. (the downstairs loo has pretty much come back on trend with its garish 60’s influence). Nothing structural required, it’s all about accentuating the existing features and disguising the anomalies, all, of course, for nil pence. Ahhh if there’s one thing we love... it’s a challenge....

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