Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Is Falling...

We all love the first flurry of a snow fall don't we? The landscape turns into a Dickensian image of crisp perfection, children laugh as snowmen are built and sledges are used, couples frolic making snow angels on the ground. That lasts for about a day.... then the snow turns to ice/murky slush, children cry as the snowmen melt and adults live in constant fear of breaking their necks en route to work.

For me the snow also brings a painful reminder of blunders made in project squat. 1 word folks INSULATION! Given that we re-built every single wall in this house we had the perfect opportunity to install the finest insulation man has to offer, be it 2 for 1 B&Q, bales of straw or a god damn piece of cotton wool. But the combination of ignorance, lack of research and cowboy builders meant that this vital factor was overlooked.

Having solid brick walls our only option now is to remove the plasterboard and start again or clad from the outside, both expensive, messy options which, let's face it aren't going to happen. Yes we've checked for draughts, the roof has the thickest layer available, un-used windows have been sealed. But no amount of effort post event can right this wrong. So it is we are left with a bathroom and back bedroom that are pretty much made of ice. This is both environmentally bad, uncomfortable but mostly just plain irritating.

So let this be a lesson to anyone about to undertake any building work, whatever corners you may cut, don't let insulation be one of them, lest you forever mourn its absence and sit under blankets til Spring.

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