Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Finishing Touch

Plans and layouts - Tick.
Plasterwork and carpentry - Tick
Paint being liberally applied - Tick

Next phase... A critical phase.... accessories.

Now let's be clear, I am not saying the other phases don't matter... of course having a kitchen that functions well is essential and choosing paints that work with the natural light available can make or break. But here is where the house goes from being 4 walls and a roof, anyone's four walls and a roof to a home.. your home.

There is no science here, homes are an evolution and should continue to evolve as you do, they are an extension of you and the very best homes (rather like dogs) should look like their owners.

Therein lay the challenges... how to make this house feel like an evolved, lived in home in a very short space of time, and although I was to do the sourcing, ensure it was a reflection of my client's life and personality and not mine.

The answer .... conversation, collaboration, very strict editing (oh and some very reliable, endlessly inspiring and generous fail-safes @caravanstyle_uk, i mean you). Whilst I was blessed with the total trust of my clients, more than ever here, we worked together. Our approach... statement investments alongside junk shop second hand finds. It's become something of a cliche, I know, but one I stand by and when you spend £10-£20 on most of your accessories, you can allow yourself to invest in the jaw-dropping bathroom floor. Mix n' Match folks mix' n Match.

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