Monday, 16 August 2010

Dry Bones

Firstly my I apologise for my absence, I know this must have left a glaring emptiness in your lives for a while there.. but fear not... I am back, the house is in one piece (mostly) and the rennovations continue.

You will be pleased to hear I have not been wasting my time indulging in summer revlery (much), oh no, faithful as ever to my cause I have been attending a course on interiors styling. Oh yessir plans, mood boards and cuttings galore a legitimate excuse to sit round and discuss the merits of grey with people who actually care!! It has only increased my love of all things interior and the desire to somehow get paid for my relentless enthusiasm.

Progress in the house has been slower of late, part inundation of numerous guests, part (mostly) lack of funds. It's an expensive business this renovation lark and much as I would plow on relentlessly I am lucky enough to be surrounded by wiser folk who remind me that beautiful tables and lights are all well and good but you do need food and electricity to accompany them!

Still, manual labour costs nothing and so it is we set too on the garden. My house skills may be ammateur, my gardenning skills are zilch! Some things are obvious, the current placement of enormous metal shed in the only spot that gets sun all day might not be ideal? The crazy paving looks shabby (not in a chic way) and the oversized beds full of weeds need some attention, that's where the knowledge ends!

Thanks to hints and tips from green thumbed family members we know what we are aiming for, simplicity and low maintenance being the central themes, we now just need to figure out how in God's name to do it! Preliminary efforts have been valiant, the boy ripped down the ugly shed and filled skip number 5 in record time. We have dug, ripped down rotten fencing, moved soil, removed literally panes and panes of glass and litter.

Along the way I uncovered a sufficient number of bones (yes bones)burried in the garden to leave me convinced that I may well have bought the house of a murderer (the boy insists the bones are not big enough to be human, but still.... gagtastic!). The results of our back breaking labour.... a large patch of sand and rubble!

Current debates - decking versus stone, grass versus paving, shed in the garden or round the side... As well I know, there is nothing like learning on the job, watch this space... it could be interesting!


  1. May I suggest Astro Turf and plastic plants?

  2. Deck chair, bottle of wine...maybe, purely a cheaper interim solution, obviously xtops

  3. i think you should tell someone about the bones!!!!!