Sunday, 22 August 2010

Knocking On Heaven's Door

The garden is proving to be a real success. Due to absolute lack of knowledge or skill we are taking the best route available, total avoidance, which basically means that no end of dull tasks are being completed. Shelves in under-stairs cupboard built with paints and DIY materials neatly stored - check, plug sockets hanging loose in bedroom for last 6 months installed - check, mismatching light switches replaced - check; patchy paint work that needs touching up - check; progress on garden...... hmmmmm.

My personal distraction is project front door. My recent smug satisfaction at the purchase of 3 reclaimed doors is fading fast. Yes I knew they would need a little TLC, but a little TLC has become ALOT of work, and I am only on stage 1 of door number 1. Stage 1 = paint stripping, a couple of hours I thought - a couple of weeks more like.

Nitramors, disgusting chemical that it is, is one of my favourite DIY products. Amazing to watch the paint squirm and bubble under its toxic power and so satisfying to peal off multiple layers in one go. But this door...Layer upon layer upon layer of primer, matt, gloss, this door has seen many incarnations - its blue period was a highlight, the brown not so much, I wonder how it will feel about it's new life in grey, if we ever damn well get there. It has literally become a battle of wills, I have dealt with damp, animal infestations, crumbling walls and rotten beams, I will not, cannot be beaten by a door!

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