Monday, 18 October 2010


They are back.... Oh hell-yeah they are back!!

I left the house this morning and I had ceilings... now, I don't.

It is something of an emotional roller coaster this renovation malarkey.
First time round, it was somewhat like a game, even the money felt more monopoly than real. Why else would you handover literally thousands of your hard earned cash on a daily/ hourly basis, surely that couldn't be real money? The house was so entirely revolting I cared not a jot to see it being knocked into oblivion, I had no emotional attachment and it was all just so new and exciting.

This time round... hmmmm not so much.
I have grown rather fond of the place, hours of blood, sweat and actual tears and yes, every penny I own. So to see it butchered in this way is somewhat upsetting. I am aware that the hallway still looked like a squat dwelling and the ceilings are covered in polystyrene tiles, but, at least they were ceilings!!!!

Yet, and yet, I am in equal measure, filled with amused glee. How fascinating to look up and see the roof, how amazing to know how all the cabling works beneath your satisfying to know that you are taking a house back to its bones and putting it back together piece by little piece.

But wait... the carpet has gone, the last remaining relic from the previous owners....tragic!

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