Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Window Song

Oh what a fun week it's been. The timing of things truly impeccable, I am between jobs, my house mate is off sick and this is when the builders come in and literally knock the S**# out of the place. The dust is incomprehensible, the noise of bricks and glass smashing all around me quite alarming and the cold generated through having no ceilings just as autumn descends unbearable.

But, on a positive note, there has been progress. The majority of the deconstruction is over (I HOPE!), they have done a layer of bonding and plaster, along with installing a new ceiling in the spare room and we have a new velux window in the landing.

Installation of said velux caused quite a flurry of excitement,
1. Where should it be positioned (ermmmm, there? Points sheepishly to what looks like the centre of the beams). 2. How should the ceiling around it be built? Should the ceiling follow the shape of the roof up, slanting up and slanting back down again? - great for light but could look weird. Should it slant up and come down in a straight line? - could look better but not as good for light. Should it be boxed in, within its own little tunnel? - kind of what was there before and what was the point of replacing it?
Emergency Saturday morning breakfast meeting involving entire household, full team of builders, google images for reference and Dad on conference call and I think we have a solution. It will be boxed in but with a significant gap around it, therefore preventing lack of light.

This will either make no sense, or will seem like an obvious decision but it's at times like these when I wish I had an architect on hand or some experience to help me on my way.

It will come as no surprise, we've heard it all before, but sometimes renovating can be really hard work. The relentless dust, the endless list of chores, the constant presence of builders in your house, the zapping of money you don't really have to spend, the endless decisions you don't feel qualified to make. Maybe it's the full moon, maybe it's the impending winter and need for a holiday.
Maybe I should just shut up and paint my door!

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