Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Nylon Curtain

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is the finishing touches that are hard to complete. Give me a few walls to knock down and a new ceiling to put up or a room to paint, 1 weekend - Done. (when I say me, I obviously mean the builders under my management!). Those of you who have followed project squat will know that ALOT has been done in a relatively small time. But, give me a few pictures to hang, some cushions to make and curtain poles to install, 3 months later we're still not much further.
Yes, my 6 day working week leaves little time for the house but I do firmly believe (and regularly remind the boy) that if you really want to do something you will make the time. I think the problem is more that the work is not essential. Having a picture hanging in the hall and nice cushions on the sofa don't dramatically improve the quality of my life... the sense of urgency has gone, I live in fear that it will never come back.

Worry not though progress, slowly, slowly, is being made. We do have some pictures on the walls Try though I might to steer clear of 'the group', I couldn't help myself and there are little ornamental groupings 'spontaneously' popping up all over the shop! We have blinds in the kitchen, and cushions on the window seat and you know what, I take it back, they do improve the quality of my life.

The absolute highlight of this week has been the curtains, the 'junky' chic that has adorned the window since about day 3 has finally been removed and sacrificially burned. In it's place a grand display of Toile De Jouy. It does shrink the room dramatically and will definitely require modern, paired back sofa's and accessories to avoid over 'onate-ness', but right now I am delighted by the general cosiness and actual warmth it brings! Here's to the power of the taditional wadded curtain, I salute you!

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