Monday, 7 February 2011

Second Time Around

I have long been a fan of the second hand - vintage clothing, recycled paper, eating other people's left-overs, you know... one man's trash and all that. So it was no surprise that I went down the reclamation route with the house. Pretty much every item in this house is a family reject, sourced from Ebay, Preloved, junk shops or an auction (well, except the lights!)

As time has progressed I have begun to wonder why anyone would do it any other way. Why would you buy some flimsy Ikea tat when you could get a beautiful sturdy vintage piece that has stood the test of time. Plus I like that each item brings it's own little history.
Taking this one step further I recently began my first ever restoration project. The item in question a bureau, kindly donated by family. Although I loved the shape, on closer inspection, the wood was, well to be honest a tad cheap looking... handles missing, scratched to death... definitely more shabby than chic.

I am not entirely sure what I am aiming for, possibly distressed, possibly luminous pink gloss, possibly matt black. So far sanding and undercoat is complete. Watch this space.

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