Monday, 24 September 2012

Appetite For Destruction

And so it is, I find myself back in my true spiritual home… where we speak mainly Polish and we eat mainly dust. Yes, indeed folks, I am back on a building site.

This job, Project Loft Space, as it shall now be known, is on behalf of a client. The challenges may vary to some degree and whilst I don’t get to make the final decisions on every last detail, the joy and delight I feel from knocking a place a part and piecing it back together and as you know, there’s nothing I love more that spot of building site chic.

Blessed with having a truly stunning shell to work with, this site offers a wonderful example of less is more. Whilst my personal taste is not minimal, I am a firm believer in working to suit the needs of the space (and client obviously!!). Here very little is required in terms of decoration to maximize the natural beauty.

The creative brief – minimal, industrial and definitely not appearing designed is highly achievable. Light floods in through the huge ornate windows, it bounces around the huge space and up to the high ceilings. The naturally industrial features are easily accented to created beautiful features in their own right.

But I am moving ahead of myself… what comes before renovation? Operation destruction…..

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