Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Guess who's back, back again

The boy returns. By popular demand. I'm back. Thanks for all the comments of support and for voting for me to return. I love you all.

Just a small blog posting today. My first experience at bidding at an Auction House. Brilliant. Just brilliant. So you go there, collect a number (lucky 83 as it happens) and then sit down and listen to the Auctioneer rattle through hundreds upon hundreds of items. The item I had my eyes on (lot number 589 for those that care) seemed to take an age to come round. Well over an hour. When it did, boy did I get a rush. The fastest 200 odd pounds I have ever spent....

Auctioneer - a distressed double door antique wardroom. Who will give me £150?
Si - Raises white number card in a trying to be cool discreet fashion.
Auctioneer - £160?
Other bidder - flick of the right index finger.
Auctioneer - £170?
Si - Slightly more panicked gesture.
Auctioneer - £180?
Other bidder - flick of the right index finger.
Auctioneer - £190
Si - another raise of the white card.
Auctioneer - £200
Starting to get annoying other bidder - gesture
Auctioneer - £220
Si - desperately fast raise of bidding card
Auctioneer - At the back of the room at £220. Any more on £220............ Sold to the gentleman at the back.
Si - yikes. Holds up number 83 card.

And that folks is how we became the owner of an amazing wardrobe. Disco. Photo to follow....


  1. a masterly summation of such an exciting process! glad to have you restored back to the blog fella, can't ALL be about the girl now can it ;o)

  2. I don't think this post has quite the character of the original. I guess I must miss the swearing. Go Si though! Can't wait to see the wardrobe... umm... words I never thought I'd find myself saying.

  3. WELL DONE SI. i'm so proud. don't let sarah delete this one!! xoxo