Monday, 29 March 2010

Steamy Windows

Things have been somewhat quieter in the house. The builders gone, for now (I miss you George) and the main focus is on finishing bits and bobs. I am fast learning that the real skill in renovation work is the detail... it requires far more patience, persistence and ability than any of this knocking down walls malarkey, therein lies the problem.
How hard can it be to wire in a spotlight, plumb a washing machine, wire up a cooker? Too damn hard that's how. So it is that we live with bare hanging cables, an ever increasing pile of washing (yes that is the smell you have all been wondering about) and a raw diet (which would be fine if it was vegetables and not digestives and dairy milk). I have, however succeeded in hanging some pictures in the bathroom (priorities straight see!).

In order to tackle these niggling issues, I choose the only option available to me, ignore them and find alternative distractions. Hence I have spent the last 3 days stripping wall-paper. The wallpaper in question looks innocent enough, pastel shades, floral design, shiny finish, but do not be deceived, with it's textured outer layer and uber thick lining, this is like no paper product I have ever come across. Yes wood chip, you should quake in its presence, you ain't got nothing on this bad boy. So it is, after 2 soaks with wall paper stripper, many many intensive steams from the steamer, hours of scraping with the brand new, oh so sharp, scraper it became a battle of wills, I would not be defeated by those pale pink flowers! The result a numb right arm, head to toe in mache like strips and still god damn paper on the walls. (I console myself that the manual labour is a good alternative to the gym which I no longer attend and the steam is a great substitute for the facials I can no longer afford!).

My other, slightly more dangerous past time is eBay. Friends have complimented my ability to pick up bargains on eBay, Freecycle, Preloved etc, however the truth is I have no other option. It is a simple equation, more cash available = less time and effort required. If I had spare funds I would indeed pop straight to John Lewis, but I don't, so to eBay I am bound and hours spent in front of my painfully slow laptop. EBay though, is dangerous, you have a spare minute, you have a little browse, something catches your eye and before you know it you have a miniature bath, too small for your bathroom or some french doors which may or may not fit into the intended wall.... and here they are. Pretty ain't they. (apologies for teeny tiny photo).

Bathroom planning is progressing, a few comedy visits from slick haired sales men who can barely conceal their racist, homophobic, sexist tendencies as they refer to the kitchen they designed for a gay couple (but they were lovely people!).
I have whipped up a mood board, I know what I want, alas it seems what I want isn't standard, so the question is, how to achieve kitchen of my dreams on budget of my nightmares... watch this space.

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  1. I hope you didn't buy those doors on the basis on that thumbnail pic alone.. I can't even see them! Keep up the good work blog girl!