Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I know what I like (in your wardrobe)

It's by Genesis don't you know!
As requested.... a couple of photo's to update. Full post to follow....

The auction wardrobe. Distressed bluey, grey in real life.

One of the (very) few existing features of the house, lovely original doors. We have had them stripped and I have just finished waxing this one with bees wax. Black floor also visible, alas not so shiny now covered in layers of dust. Radiator back in place, not quite working but hey, details, details.

Da daaa... bath in situ , the taps work and everything! (Alas same can't be said of shower at the mo).

Points of note note niches above bath, genius idea of Miro's. Just applied door handle - sourced from eBay, good replica of much much more expensive Victorian originals.


  1. Oooo VERY pretty wardrobe! Actually similar to one I was wistfully watching (but alas not bidding!) on ebay a few weeks ago! Love the bath in situ and the grey and the choice of three places to put your wine glass! You're doing a fine job Ellison! High Five! Martina...Martina??? I know you're here!

  2. wow - you have done so much in such a short space of time! it's fantastic what the dole scummers can do when they put their minds to it ;o) hee hee

    seriously, you should be an interior designer, it looks fantastic, especially loving the grey bathroom (my new fav colour)

  3. Oh oh! Here I am! Sarah, amazing! Must plan a trip to come visit and see it all! and to think you're living there, that's amazing!! xox I'll email you pics i took of our apt last night. night and day i tell you. in a good way though! it can be your 16th floor oasis in NY that you come to when you're tired of having a full house (as if!)!!!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Loving your blog! Can you let me know where you got your beeswax from please?

    Thanking you.

  5. Hi there
    The Beeswax was just from a local DIY shop, B&Q or any DIY shop will have it.
    Good luck x