Saturday, 1 May 2010

The boys are back in town.

What is the incessant banging in my head.... ? Ah yes, the oh so familiar sound of builders knocking my house to tiny pieces!
The builders are back in town !! So too the dust, the drilling, the hemorrhaging of money, the lovely little surprises when they discover another new problem plus the free bonus of Polish language lessons. All joking aside this new branch of builders are particularly jolly and our daily 7.30 morning meetings do add a certain joy to my day.

Progress is fairly swift, day 1 total destruction - I realised the old kitchen would be ripped out but wasn't entirely prepared to return home from a long day to find not only the units gone but also every inch of plaster - leaving us with bare walls - still I like the exposed brick look.
Day 2 - ceiling plasterboard put in place. Our old ceilings were totally uneven so the entire thing needed to be ripped down and replaced.

Day 3- boiler removed (complete with thick layer of mouse poo on the back - they had mice living in the boiler - oh, my, dear, lord!). Entire bathroom and toilet and ceiling from extension removed (yeah, please note one day some of you will dine where the toilet used to be, nice!), small issue here, all joists are rotten.... will need entirely rebuilding... oh happy day...

And finally, my friends, the moment we have all been waiting for (when I say we, I clearly mean me) I get to purchase lights!!!! Oh yes, the girl who spends days, weeks, months seeking out the cheapest alternative from EBay, dealing with horrendous customer service from Ikea, chasing up broken fireplaces... all to save every possible penny is suddenly entirely willing to literally throw money at overpriced lights... but oh I how love them, oh how they will make me happy when they fill my room with their beautiful, gentle glow.... . You will have to wait for their grand unveiling in situ, I know everyone is equally excited so I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Bank holiday fun and a birthday treat for me - skip loading again.. yeah!!!!

I think the time might be almost here for the grand unveiling in the form of a squat warming party... dust of your overalls and watch this space!

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