Monday, 10 May 2010

Coming on strong

Hey, it's me. The boy. I return to the blog to update on the work in progress; that is our new Kitchen and Dining room effort. I've been left in sole charge. Yikes. So much responsibility. I think I will have a B&O wireless entertainment system installed. A massive plasma screen. A pool table instead of a Dining table.

Much like Sarah, I escaped from the building site for a few days. Not quite as glam as NYC, but a much needed dust free break, with home comforts such as sofas, a washing machine and oven, in the heart of rural Cambridgeshire! Oh how I miss having an oven. So much so, that I cooked for the family for the entire weekend. My Lasagne went down like a Granny on roller skates. Even with the fussy eater nieces.

I was meant to have a half day holiday on Friday. This actually turned into a builders merchants trip with Mariusz, our builder, to source £300 worth of wood! (Now wood is my favourite material. The smell, the patterns and the varying effects you can achieve. But, damn it's pricey. The new kitchen worktops are testament to this. £1,500 for 5 metres. But, man, I can't stop looking at it. Touching it. Oiling it - 8 pre installation coats required). Guess what I'm doing every night this week?

I'm getting pretty familiar with these builders places now. Much like Ikea, the staff are from a different breed. Nobody wants to help you and when you do ask a question, the response is well less that educated. Is this where all the stupid people from school ended up (controversial)? My particular favourite bit is when a man sporting a high vis jacket, has to check you leaving the store, despite him helping the cashier to check the number of products you have purchased, whilst scanning. Still 1 person off the unemployment database.....

So to return on Sunday afternoon, slightly scared and slightly nervous that I had left the sanctuary of Mum and Dad's, I was pleasantly surprised. Whitewashed walls. New floor boards. Spot lights installed. A hoovered house. In the words of Galliano, "I can feel it, coming on strong".


  1. Kitchen looks great, guv. Can't believe it's the same house. Don't be talked into accessorising it with modular black office furniture though. Or orange boat shoes. Chicks, eh? x