Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stupid Girl

Four letters. IKEA. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three evenings this week spent at Ikea . Three evenings of my life I will never get back. Still, evening three was spent at a different branch; Brent Cross. How novel. Different store, same experience. Testing is how I would describe it.

I managed to use the two free meal vouchers kindly given at our previous encounters with said brand. Meatballs and pasta. Palatable. Fish and Chips. Surprisingly tasty. The mattresses in the bed department are quite comfortable. I might move in. I might not.

So why did I spend more time at Ikea, I hear you ask. Well here's why;

1. Order put together by Edmonton's brain of Britain contained errors. Never would have guessed that might happen right? (Despite trying to reconcile at point of collection, it's an unachievable task. 98 different brown boxes all with meaningless numbers. We have 6 draw fronts all 80cm in size). We only have one drawer unit! MORON!

2. No template provided in floor to ceiling larder unit. Builders can't work out how to attach the door. Genius.

3. Wrong colour. Yes that's wrong colour base unit doors. DUH.

4. No feet for three of the 6 six cupboards. DISCO.

I could go on. But I'm boring myself.

Please don't make me go there again. Please................................................................. Oh, we have returns. Sarah. Over to you.


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  2. Poor The Boy. Next time you go maybe you could cheer yourself up with a packet of salted liquorice.


    PS Don't know what happened with my previous post. I tried to edit it and it deleted itself. Now it looks like I've been censored for obscenities by a moderator. Sorry about that.

  3. Si - I am feeling your pain from reading your update. It will be worth it... xx

  4. Sarah, you're killing me. NEED kitchen photos!!!! xoxo