Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Change Is Gonna Come

I've changed! I didn't want to, but I have and I blame the house, I know this through two slightly disturbing occurences.

1. On this weekend's delightful trip to B&Q I actually recognised another shopper from previous visits there. Seriously... is this my social circle these days?

2. In the constant dust containment battle it became apparent that the existing vacuum really wasn't cutting it... tiny little machine which sucks for approx 30 seconds and then requires emptying. If there is to be any hope of erradicating the ever expanding dust mountain we need serious suction . So it was that I decided to invest some of my hard earned cash on a decent machine. Now in my previous life the idea of spending MY money on something so frighteningly mundane would have filled me with the fear that my life was doomed to domestic drudgery. I have often lived with twice handed down, 20 year old hoovers, or none at all, occasionally borrowing a neighbours.

Not any more, oh no. I was actively keen to go vacuum shopping. Positively enjoyed the retail experience (all credit to you Currys, you know your produce and up-sell very applomb), furthermore was genuinely excited to get the new Dyson home and try the bad boy out, let me tell you, vaccuming don't get much slicker than this!

I am now convinced I am descending from young(ish) woman about town (kind of), existing in a bubble of responsibility free bliss (well sort of), who follows fashion and contemporary culture (to a degree). To one of those people, those people you see, but prefer not to notice, the kind of people who do go to their local retail park on a weekly basis, pick up a few essentials at B&Q and do a mammoth weekly shop at Asda. They are generally in couples and quite clearly wish they weren't, they drive estate cars and are not unlikely to be seen with a st George's flag adorning their car, house, self.

This weekend, I went to my local retail park (Leyton Mills to be precise), I went to B&Q and did a large shop at Asda where I revelled in the bargains..... oh, my, dear, lord... somebody drag to Waitrose via Selfridges for a new frock, buy me a cocktail at Shoreditch House, help me before it is too late and you find my adorning the flag of St George!

Oh God it's too late... the boy just said he is going to buy a hose! Aghhhhhh!

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  1. Oh go on, admit it, you love the new you.