Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

Another week, another incomprehendable quantity of dust. It is impossible to imagine quite how this much dust can be created each day. Dust of all kinds – coal, plaster, general builder…. I sometimes wonder if they literally apply a layer each day just to make themselves look busy! With each layer comes another cleaning attempt, seriously, just give up!

Still mustn’t complain, progress is a happening. The living rooms is coming on great guns. All paper (and vast majority of existing plaster) has been removed, existing fireplaces ripped out and taken back to the brick, new plaster board in place, layer of plaster applied over that and dried, new ceiling boards and plaster in place… we are not just about ready for painting.

As you may have gathered by now, decisions are not my strong point. I know exactly what I don’t like about other people’s interiors but starting from a totally blank canvas is a whole different ball game. Obviously we exist within certain restraints – space, money, style of the house but in all honesty the choices are endless.

This week’s decisions have been:
Skirting board – easy, simple and cheap please, fireplace one or 2 – 1, much cheaper option and the room really isn’t big enough for 2, shelving – to have or not, if so in which alcoves, what thickness, what materials, paint, paint, oh paint – I DON”T KNOW, architrave – same as before please but not rotten, and coving….

Coving it seems is more tricky than you would imagine. We knew we would need it at some point but as ever buider notice applies – we need it first thing on Monday (it is currently 3pm on Saturday). Hence the hottest day of the year was spent cruising builder’s yards in an attempt to find the perfect coving, well once we discovered that there is weeks ordering period, perfect coving soon descended to any coving and even then we struggled. So, it is, the coving, as with many other elements is something of a compromise. I don’t love it, it isn’t nearly as good as it could have been, but with options of nil it will simply have to do.

This week’s eBay delight - the new fireplace. Bought on eBay (Obviously!) required a day trip to Brighton (amore driving with no air con – joy!), as nerve wracking as ever. But the gamble paid off it is lovely and looks perfectly at home alongside the new bare plaster walls.

Paint decision to follow and then, lord help me, I have to figure out lighting! We could be some time!

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