Sunday, 20 June 2010


Project living room has commenced, I am in no way prepared for it, definitely can't afford it, could could easily and relatively comfortably live without it but I just can't help myself, I want it done damn it! (picture stamping of foot). Dust HQ (a small promotion from ' The Squat' is a constant source of learning, about DIY - what is the best method of plastering for totally rotten walls, about different cultures - I have learned no end of interesting tit bits about life in Poland, but mainly about yourself, and I, it seems, have literally no patience. When I want something done, I want it done now and pity any poor fool who tries to stand in my way. 

Whilst cracking on with the living room brings me immense pleasure, it is, as ever, tainted with anguish... so many decisions... so much room for error, so much desire to make it as perfect as I can within my financial constraints. 

 Current hot topics of debate are:
Which exact shade(s) of grey will I paint the walls this time and what to do with the fireplaces.

I am grateful at least that my grey obsession narrows my choices somewhat. I have had the odd moment of madness and considered white (I actually rather like white) but fear not, no sooner has it entered my head I see another shade of grey and I know, in my heart of hearts, I cannot deviate, I am eternally loyal to the dreary shade. 

As demonstrated in project bathroom I have long been a fan of very dark tones and am constantly delighted that I chose Downpipe for the 2 non tiled walls. One serious consideration is going the whole hog and painting the entire living room in a similar dark hue. Having seen it done by people such as Abigail Ahern, I really really do love its warmth and elegance - see below. 

Atelier Abigail <span class=
However, I then get the fear. Maybe it needs the grand high ceilings, which I don't really have, beautiful furniture which I definitely don't have (YET) and abundance of natural light, in typical Victorian terrace stylee rooms can tend to be dark. 

An alternative option is a lighter shade, strong enough to add impact but light enough to avoid feeling like you live in permanent winter .... thoughts? 

As for fireplaces - minefield! 
One thing is clear anything will be an improvement on the existing offering  - 2 50's style, block tile monstrosities which take up half the room with their resplendent ugliness (Kat, I am sorry but it's true). The alternatives alas are endless.  1 fireplace  or 2? The room isn't massive so 2 seems excessive, we could have one in the main living space and block one up - but will that just look weirdly non-symmetrical. We could knock them both through, have the bare brick exposed with no surround (definitely a look I like). Or block one up and make a statement with the other- source magnificent tiled Victorian fireplace, or compromise, go for a surround on both with no actual fire insert.... 

Oh the options, the options, the minutes, hours, days I have spent thinking and researching this and I literally change my mind every few hours. (as well as being impatient I have never been terribly decisive!)

I haven't event got to lighting yet... !

In the meantime the ''snagging' continues  - downstairs loo tick, (amazing what a new toilet seat, flush, bucket load of bleach and a shade of Pavillion Gray can do), painting the ugly extension - tick (a Dulux dark great exterior paint) very pleasing results. 

So we continue... all wall paper now removed with industrial stripper, loose plaster exposed and removed, new ceiling applied. Next step, new plasterboard throughout, skim plastering, new skirting, coving and architrave, electrics, painting, floors, fires, lights..... aghhhhh! 

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  1. dove grey or lavender grey are two options you could go for for more of a French feel?