Tuesday, 2 February 2010

And We're Off!

And now, the end is near...It was with a heavy heart that the time came to move out of our lovely Islington flat, and with even heavier arms when we started the 4 tuck loads of removals. How how how can that much stuff have been kept in one small flat?!

That moment of opening the door for the first time in the new house was a strange mix of anticipation, fear and well mainly fear! I knew it needed some work, knew it's odour not the most fragrant, knew that polystyrene tiles throughout are not my ceiling du choix and yet, and yet... I really was not full prepared.

I am fully aware that one cannot rent forever, that I am moving into an up and coming area, that I finally get to employ my love of interior design, that it makes financial sense, that one day it will be lovely and one day I will look back and laugh... so why do I feel like crying?!

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