Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Things at the squat (as it is now lovingly known), are moving on with quite impressive speed. I can't entirely take credit for the developments, having busted a gut for the first couple of days, I escaped for a long weekend in Bath with my girlfriends (as any lady should do after 1 full day of manual labour!)

In my absence the boy and his lovely friend Si worked like real men, stripping layer upon layer of wood chip (so old it was practically tattooed to the walls), removing the endless ceiling tiles and actually knocking down an entire wall with a real life sledge hammer. All their childhood fantasies come true. Obviously I returned to point out all the bits they had missed!

So we are now left with a shell of a space in what was bedroom 3 and 4. Damp course downstairs completed, builders now chosen and poised to start the bathroom. First job - pipe work - digging down to the waste pipe and connecting to the hot and cold supply, moving the doorway upstairs and creating a corridor and the bathroom walls..... surely it's time to get the Elle Deco's out.. isn't it?

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