Monday, 15 February 2010

Cracks beginning to show.

I may have failed to mention that one aim of this renovation project is to use as many reclaimed items as possible, 3 reasons, obvious sustainability stuff, cost effectiveness and personal style - that's just how I roll!

So, it was with tremendous excitement/fear that I awaited the arrival of my bathroom suite, bought on EBay for a bargain price of £275. Because its previous owner was up North I had to hire a van and employ the kind kind help of my sister and brother in law who transported it to the big schmoke!

Oh and what a beauteous delight of Victorian splendour it is, Sanitan sink, high flush toilet and roll top bath (one small issue there, I failed to notice the small print, the bath is smaller than usual 1500mm - knees up to chin whilst bathing, an interesting approach.... hmmm details, details). All we need now is a bathroom to house said sanitary delights.

Sure enough Miro and his team (the lovely builders) have been doing a cracking job, we now have the structure of the bathroom and 3rd bedroom. Miro advised plaster boarding all rooms due to the generally hideous quality of the plaster - one touch of a scraper and half the wall comes crumbling down. The plaster board solution will give better finish and hide the inevitable cracks which will reappear in such an old house.

Brother in law, aka qualified electrician (handy I know!) set too on the electrics which, he identified to all our surprise, are in OK condition. Less positive is the recent identification of a large crack which looks suspiciously like subsidence. My preferable fingers in the ears response is not an option with thorough builder in residence, we have yet to identify the cause or remedy of said crack and am trying not to panic until the structural engineer and surveyor have been round.. watch this (alarming) space.

So, for want of anything very practical to do I set too on purchasing tiles, spotlights for the bathroom and for some unknown reason, stripping the bannister.... dear lord what a job! Obviously ignored all warnings of poisonous lead paints and now have a remarkably sore nose from inhaling lethal dust and fumes. As the boy commenced stripping the doors and revealed layer upon layer of green, brown and pink pain, it released a very odd odour, quite literally the smell of farmyards. Still a welcome change from the rotten fish, not sure which I prefer fish or farm.

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