Monday, 1 February 2010


Today I bought a house. This is my first house and the first time I have ever spent over £200 on a single item (previous being an overpriced frock from Whistles!). The house is something of a wreck, not an unlivable re-build from scratch wreck, more of a knock a few walls down, fix the roof, sort the damp, build a bathrooms upstairs, decorate from top to bottom, sterilise to within an inch of its life kind of wreck.

I have no experience of house buying/ building very very little money with which to do it. So it will boil down to hard hard work, steely determination and 3 years back copies of Elle Decoration (already post-it noted) to help me on my way.

Here I will track my progress, the ups and downs, damp and delights, sweat and inevitable tears (hopefully no blood). So my friends, the removal van is here and here we commence, one heavy box at a time. Wish me luck!

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